Is the electoral college racist?

The Boston Globe | Opinion | September 1, 2020  Far from being racist, the Electoral College protects the interests of anyone in the minority — political, geographic, racial, or otherwise. In a political season marred by racial unrest, the claim that the Electoral...

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The Woke Mob Comes for a Federal Judge

The National Review | Law & The Courts | July 3, 2020 Until our leaders stand up and speak out against our self-appointed speech police, no one will be safe. Our Founders sought to protect federal judges from the whims of the mob by granting them life tenure, and...

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Conservatives Should Be Open To A Trial In The Senate

The Hill | Opinion | January 21, 2020 President Trump recently tweeted that allowing a full-blown impeachment trial would lend legitimacy to an unfair and partisan process. Numerous conservative pundits have pushed for outright dismissal or the briefest of...

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The real constitutional crisis

The Boston Globe | Op-Ed | November 7, 2019 Many commentators are breathlessly reporting that America is on the brink of a constitutional crisis. They’re right, but not in the sense that they imagine. Political scientists and law professors define a “constitutional...

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The Washington Examiner | Opinion | April 29, 2019 I used to think of former Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s best hope to beat President Trump in 2020. As the son of a used car salesman, the Scranton, Pa., native has an avuncular style that appeals...

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Pantsuit Nation Cries Foul

The National Review | Elections | February 15, 2019 Apparently, it’s not politically correct to mention likability when discussing female candidates. Pantsuit nation is already crying foul. Fresh off the “Hillary lost because of sexism” tour, many purveyors of female...

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“Advocates for ‘change’ are, inevitably, frustrated with our deliberately inefficient government. And so when they do not get their way, they complain that the system is ‘broken.’ But it is not. This is how it is supposed to work. Gridlock prevents the majority from running roughshod over the minority. Gridlock ensures that dissenting voices are heard. Gridlock forces compromise — often painful compromise, but compromise nonetheless”

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