Without Columbus, There Would Be No Latinos

  The Wall Street Journal | September 24, 2017 The collective impulse to tear down statues and rename buildings to meet modern sensibilities is growing stronger by the day. Earlier this month a statue of Christopher Columbus in New York’s Central Park was...

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To Bring Back U.S. History, Repeal Common Core

New Boston Post | April 18, 2016 Today, Massachusetts celebrates Patriots’ Day. In towns across the commonwealth, crowds will gather for parades of marching bands, scout troops and public officials. In Lexington and Concord, Redcoats and Minutemen will reenact the...

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You Say You Want a Revolution?

Originally published in the NewBostonPost | February 11, 2016 New Hampshire has spoken. In voting for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, Granite State Republicans and Democrats sent a clear anti-establishment message. Although the anger on both sides of the...

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The Whole World is Laughing

Boston Herald | Op-ed | March 25, 2014 At the 1988 Republican National Convention, a conservative Hispanic group sold T-shirts mocking the Democratic nominee, Massachusetts Gov. Mike Dukakis, as weak on foreign policy. The T-shirt featured a cartoon of communist...

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The New Pheidippides by Edward Mulholland

A few days ago, I stumbled upon this beautiful poem by Edward Mulholland in the National Catholic Register and thought it was worth posting.   The New Pheidippides National Catholic Register | Tuesday, April 16, 2013 | Martin Richard bleeds like Boston Blood red...

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“What binds us together as Americans is our common past and our common purpose.  While it is fine to celebrate our diversity, we must always remember that we are Americans first.  If we begin to see ourselves primarily as members of distinct racial and ethnic groups, or as global citizens without any national identity at all, then the American experiment has failed.”

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